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Scalable curricula, study modules and workshops

We can help you teach critical skills and values like:

Leadership and Citizenship including when appropriate non-religious leadership models from classical Muslim culture ... as well as modern theories of leadership based on contemporary case studies and multinational role models in diverse professions; •

Ethics of Coexistence including principles of tolerance of diversity, mediation, conflict mitigation and consensus building; and

Contributions of Muslim Civilization, a cultural and secular history intended for non-Muslim audiences worldwide.

Public information and social marketing campaigns
• These can include advertising and media campaigns, discussion groups, focus groups and other tools

Student and adult leader seminars, fora and exchanges
• We can work at the secondary, university and professional adult levels to build international understanding and global peace leadership skills, by bringing diverse individuals together

Related multimedia products.
We can present our content via books, television, feature film, Websites and Internet fora, streaming media, distance learning, CD and DVD among others

Global language and cross-cultural capability
Using our international staff and global partnerships, we can adapt our materials and programs to the linguistic, political, religious, economic and cultural contexts of any society on earth.

Flexible business models
Because of our non-profit legal status and our operational mission, we can generally function as a grantee, a partner, a vendor or a contractor. We can license our products for use, or help partners find donor support. We are not at present a grant- making a online will institution.